Need diesel truck repair?

You’ve just found the diesel engine specialist you’re going to want to call

    Diesel engines are great, when they’re working properly. Powerful and reliable, they’ll get the job done and take you where you want to go, if— and the “if” is important here—you make sure check-ups are done regularly and proper maintenance is performed by an experienced diesel engine specialist, in a designated diesel truck repair shop. This is serious business.

    You need your truck, and you know it like the back of your hand. So when a weird sound suddenly feels off, you know you’re going to have to scout a diesel mechanic shop as soon as possible, because as a truck driver, your wheels pay your meals.

    Whether your vehicle needs massive intervention or some minor repair, make sure you’re handing it over to a diesel repair shop that’ll treat it like their own. So who, and how, do you choose the diesel mechanic shop that’ll feel right?

    We’ve listed a few things you might want to put on your diesel truck repair list, whenever your engine starts telling you it’s time to take a break.

    Extensive services

    A one-stop diesel repair shop that covers everything you need
    As charming and professional as we are, we know you’d rather be spending time working on the road. With this in mind, we do everything we can to cover all your needs, in one diesel repair shop, without forcing you to drive all over the place trying to get everything checked. For example, seek diesel mechanics that can expertly work on:

    • Diesel engine repair
    • Diesel engine rebuilding
    • In-frame engine rebuilding
    • Transmission repair work
    • Long block engine replacements
    • Clutch repairs
    • Complete engine overhauls
    • Fuel economy issues
    • Differential replacements or repairs


    A diesel engine specialist can’t phone it in. It takes years to master the profession.
    There is no substitute for experience. Mechanics aren’t learned in a book and inexperienced truck repair work could cost you time and money. Look for diesel mechanics that have seen, and fixed, it all. Ideally, they should repair all makes and models, be able to spot an issue quickly and then have exactly what’s needed to get the job done.

    The parts required to fix things NOW

    Diesel truck mechanics that can start working on the spot
    “We don’t carry the parts you need and we don’t know how long it’s going to take to get them. It could take days or weeks.” These are the words you don’t want to hear. Look for diesel repair shops that carry a large selection of parts for heavy duty and diesel trucks made by the world’s leading manufacturers. Ideally, they should have a dedicated warehouse for parts.

    The 3 “R’s : Responsive, reachable and reputed

    Speed, location and word-of-mouth define what you’re going to get

    Emergencies don’t happen when it’s convenient. Find a diesel mechanic shop with the resources to repair quickly but take the time to check reviews. If you’re happy with resources and reviews, verify location, business hours, emergency response and towing services. Can they be reached by phone ? Is it a family-operated business ? What’s the online experience like? Chances are, what you perceive is what you’re going to get. Choose wisely.


    Heavy truck repair is important business in Montreal. Deeply invested in modern logistics, the Montreal-Quebec and Montreal-Toronto corridors are key players for goods, supplies and merchandise arriving from and departing to destinations around the globe.

    TMS TruckMasters services big rigs and performs commercial truck repair all along the corridor. We work well and we work fast, saving truckers time and money. Today’s technology provides tools for modern mechanics to fine-tune truck repair with better precision and efficiency than in the past. These tiny adjustments pay off at the fuel pump, where losses and gains are measured by-the-gallon.

    Heavy truck maintenance and repair has grown exponentially with fix-and-repair being more affordable than replacing a vehicle. Squeezed from all sides, by pay rates that don’t match inflation and new regulations involving fuels, emissions and monitoring equipment, truckers need to get the most bang for their buck. Fleet owners and drivers know that competent commercial truck repair means thousands of extra road miles, and that this added vehicle lifespan can define profit or loss. “Vintage” trucks don’t have all the bells and whistles of their newest counterparts, but, if they can do the job, and do it safely, they won’t be put out to pasture anytime soon.

    With 3 Montreal area locations, TMS TruckMasters offers easy on/off highway access, and trained staff that’s ready, willing and able to handle heavy truck repair situations and get those big rigs moving.

    Looking for a diesel engine specialist or diesel mechanic near you?