Got a problem with your truck?
We offer mobile truck repair.

We’re here to help, now. Truck road service or mobile trailer repair is only useful if you can get it WHEN you need it. Here we are.

    As a trucker, you hope your routes will be worry-free and you’ll be able to deliver on time. The whole point is getting things safely and quickly from point A to B. Luckily, most days, that’s what happens. But when it’s not, truck problems can really mess up your schedule.

    We’ve been offering mobile truck repair for over 30 years and we know how it goes:

    • It’s never in a convenient place
    • You’re possibly holding up traffic
    • You have cargo to supervise
    • You’re just anxious to finish your shift and keep on schedule.

    Trust us to intervene fast, with the right equipment and skills. We offer conveniently located, efficient truck road service that’ll get you back on schedule, as quickly as possible. It’s what we do!

    Strategically located truck road service

    3 locations near highways 30, 40 and 20 on the Ottawa/Toronto route and towards Eastern Canada. Wherever you are, we can get there quickly, with the required equipment.

    Roadside assistance
    Monday to Thursday : 7am to midnight
    Friday : 7am – 4pm

    Why choose mobile truck repair near you:

    • Fast repair
    • Onsite within 45 to 60 minutes for Montreal’s Metropolitan area
    • Easy payments: variety of payment options, including credit cards
    • Qualified truck repair mechanics
    • Tow services to our nearest location, if your truck can’t be repaired onsite

    Mobile truck and trailer repair services

    Mechanical Repairs
    Everything from alternators, to starters, belts, batteries, brakes, hoses, brake chambers, exhaust repair, radiators, turbo, jump starts, fuel leaks, fuel filters, seals, airlines, maxi chambers, governors, gladhands, 5th wheels, axles, bearings, U bolts, transmissions stuck in high or low gear, clutch links or problems and lights.

    Electrical Repairs
    Wiring, computer diagnostics, fuses, lights.

    Repair, installation and sale. Retreads and new tires available in all sizes

    Need a boost, a fix, a door unlocked, diesel delivery or anything else? We’ve got your back.

    You can’t plan when and where you’re going to need assistance. It just happens. What you CAN do is contact people who make it their business to help out.