Témoignages de nos clients

Absolutely fabulous peopleFastest repairs in my experience

Leland Wideman Avatar
Leland Wideman

un vrai partenaire depuis 10 ans au moins, ils s'occupent de mes véhicules et font l'inspection. je suis toujours tres satisfait du service. Merci

Eric Champoux Avatar
Eric Champoux

vitor mateus Avatar
vitor mateus

Andrea Biancardi Avatar
Andrea Biancardi

Good ppl

Garry Singh Avatar
Garry Singh


franck Lanthier Avatar
franck Lanthier

Eric Martin Avatar
Eric Martin


Mehroz Khokhar Avatar
Mehroz Khokhar

Sᴀʀʙ ᴊᴇᴇᴛ Sɪᴅʜᴜᴢ Avatar
Sᴀʀʙ ᴊᴇᴇᴛ Sɪᴅʜᴜᴢ

Talwinderpal singh Avatar
Talwinderpal singh

Awesome guys

Andreas Pitsinis Avatar
Andreas Pitsinis

J. Buttle Avatar
J. Buttle

Eric and team are amazing! With our fleet things come up daily! The guys chez TRUCKMASTERS are ready to serve. Complicated diagnostic to simple maintenance I give them 100% of our work. Thanks again guys you are a class above!


manjit singh Avatar
manjit singh

andre jean Avatar
andre jean

Jason Rennie Avatar
Jason Rennie

Midhun V Prasad Avatar
Midhun V Prasad

Tremoda Transport Avatar
Tremoda Transport

Ne pas entrer en avançant si tu traîne une remorque 53'

Michel Briere Avatar
Michel Briere

Très rapide

Benoit NIENHUIJS Avatar

Adil Ahajjam Avatar
Adil Ahajjam

Un commerce équitable.

Yves Gauthier Avatar
Yves Gauthier

Martin Sauvé Avatar
Martin Sauvé

Faut être en règle

Céline Bergeron Avatar
Céline Bergeron

We always send our truck there for SAAQ inspections, without even warning them of taking an appointment, and they still manage to always get our truck out on time, the staff is super friendly too. A good business that care about there customer.

David Avatar

Great service and great staff. Would definitely recommend


Excellent service, great team, true professionals

Alain Villeneuve Avatar
Alain Villeneuve

great service

Alexey Alexeev Avatar
Alexey Alexeev

Very good service

Naji Alcharbaji Avatar
Naji Alcharbaji

Nice reception. Quick service

Louis-philippe Demonet Avatar
Louis-philippe Demonet

Denis Dufort Avatar
Denis Dufort

Very nice garageFriendly staffGood service!

Alexey Alexeev Avatar
Alexey Alexeev


Jonathan Davison Avatar
Jonathan Davison

Great customer service!

Jessica G Avatar
Jessica G

Sylvie Brodeur Avatar
Sylvie Brodeur

Serge Labonte Avatar
Serge Labonte

Garage ouvert jusqu'à minuit

Guyaume Mc Kaig Avatar
Guyaume Mc Kaig

Patrick Alexandre Avatar
Patrick Alexandre

Very good service

Naji Alcharbaji Avatar
Naji Alcharbaji

Service correcte et rapide

Amar Dia Avatar
Amar Dia

Sebastien Landry Avatar
Sebastien Landry

Truck batteries died, called everyone around trying to find an affordable boost. These guys were not only affordable, but quick, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I'd recommend to anyone in need 🙂

Scott Illing Avatar
Scott Illing

Maxime Lebeau Avatar
Maxime Lebeau

Allo “Recall now !” Bye Avatar
Allo “Recall now !” Bye

Calin Dragomir Avatar
Calin Dragomir

Thank you truck master. Will be back soon.

Yolande Trottier Avatar
Yolande Trottier

Michel Harding Avatar
Michel Harding

Très bonne place !

Marc-andré Bergeron Avatar
Marc-andré Bergeron

Roland Ács Avatar
Roland Ács

Très bon service!!!

Conteneurs Nordex Avatar
Conteneurs Nordex

Super bon service

Miron Stephane Avatar
Miron Stephane

Jusqu’à 12h. Réparation rapide.

Éric Leblanc Avatar
Éric Leblanc

Very nice service so nice people spicily guys working nights shift

Sadaqat Iqbal Avatar
Sadaqat Iqbal

Allan Sanders Avatar
Allan Sanders

peter papaioannou Avatar
peter papaioannou

Vadim Bodean Avatar
Vadim Bodean

Leanne Tremblay Avatar
Leanne Tremblay

Giovanni Zorzi Avatar
Giovanni Zorzi

Sergio Tomassini Avatar
Sergio Tomassini

Eric Houle Avatar
Eric Houle

Eric l Avatar
Eric l

André Cinq-Mars Avatar
André Cinq-Mars

Elizabeth Brault Avatar
Elizabeth Brault

wayne neill Avatar
wayne neill

Claudiu Odor Avatar
Claudiu Odor

Annie Perreault Avatar
Annie Perreault

Good team, responsible service.A bit long waiting times.

Vladimir Maslov Avatar
Vladimir Maslov

richard gamache Avatar
richard gamache

Les mécaniciens sont très compétents...

Jacques Bergeron Avatar
Jacques Bergeron

Luc Charron Avatar
Luc Charron

Très professionnel

Mario Ramirez Avatar
Mario Ramirez

Jean-Claude Lebeau Avatar
Jean-Claude Lebeau