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Why choose TMS for your heavy truck inspection?

Our heavy truck SAAQ inspection services are renowned for their excellence. For over 35 years, we have been specializing in heavy truck mechanics and trailer repair. The competence of our team enables us to be recognized as official SAAQ inspection agents. We also provide general repair of all brands of trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles, transmission and differential. Our complete range of inspection and maintenance services makes us a leader in the truck and trailer maintenance industry.


TMS TruckMasters is a specialist of heavy truck inspection in Montreal. As heavy truck safety inspection agents, our St-Laurent and our Boucherville locations are accredited by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) to perform periodic mechanical inspections of vehicles such as heavy trucks and trailers. Our heavy truck SAAQ inspection agent status is due to our strict and specific inspection methods.

Vérification mécanique Mandataire SAAQ
We also comply with all standards associated with the heavy truck safety inspection SAAQ program, and we serve the Montreal area. As heavy vehicle mechanical inspection agents whose qualified staff is trained to provide the SAAQ inspection program, we focus on the quality of services offered.To carry out our heavy truck safety inspections, we use cutting edge equipment. Each verification step is strictly followed by our rigorous quality control, which is among the best. Our role as SAAQ heavy truck safety inspection agents is taken seriously. Our inspection devices are among the most sophisticated to prevent any misinterpretations. Our inspection methods are a standard in our field and allow us to provide quality heavy vehicle inspection services for all our customers.TMS TruckMasters is also a service provider of the SAAQ preventive maintenance program. The SAAQ inspection standards we adhere to includes: frequency of inspections, mechanics involved, service site, qualification of our engineers and good practices. Visit one of our SAAQ inspection certified service centers to ensure that your heavy truck or trailer remains safe for the road at all times.


Following the truck inspection, if any repair or maintenance is needed for your semi truck, they can be done at any of our locations, even if you did the inspection at another truck garage.

Need a complete inspection for trucks?