Heavy truck maintenance

    Driving a long distance route is more reassuring when knowing your heavy truck or trailer maintenance was handled by the best team of experts working in the Montreal area. TMS TruckMasters is a complete maintenance and repair service center that will ensure your heavy vehicle is delivered in top notch condition before heading back on the road.

    Truck and trailer services

    The team at TMS TruckMasters works hard to ensure timely and efficient repairs and specializes in conducting heavy vehicle safety inspections for all types, makes and models of heavy trucks and trailers. Our area of expertise is dealing with full fleets. The following is a list of our services:

    • Oil change
    • Lubrication
    • Brakes
    • Differential
    • Clutch
    • Engine
    • Cooling system
    • Radiator
    • Suspension
    • Alignment (in Vaudreuil-Dorion only)

    All trailer and heavy truck maintenance and repair services are conducted under the expertise of our mechanics to guarantee optimal engine performance and minimize wear and tear. At TMS TruckMasters, you can expect only the most professional service regarding parts and fluids replacement with our heavy vehicle maintenance service.

    SAAQ Inspection Centers

    Our qualified mechanics are able to inspect your heavy vehicle according to standards established by the Société de l’Assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). Our St-Laurent and Boucherville locations are mandated mechanical inspection agents for the SAAQ.

    Convenient Truck Service Locations

    To get the best pair of hands working on your heavy truck repair, check out the local directory to get in touch with one of our strategically located service centers. There are three service locations within the Montreal Metropolitan area; Saint-Laurent, Boucherville and Vaudreuil-Dorion areas, equipped for any trailer repair and heavy truck repair and maintenance needed. Leaders in providing professional and friendly service, you are never too far away to get our qualified staff to help you.

    Extended Working Hours

    To ensure timely delivery of services all of our service centers work extended hours from 7AM to until after midnight Monday to Thursday and from 7am to 4pm Fridays. By bringing in your truck to one of our facilities, you can be assured that your heavy truck service will not be handled lightly. Staffed with licensed technicians, along with a complete range of general maintenance services, roadside assistance as well as parts, TMS TruckMasters is your one stop shop for all your trucking requirements.

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    Heavy Truck Service Means Big Wheels Keep on Rolling

    Canada, with a superb central location, has become a leader in global logistics, and this growth pattern is expected to continue in the 21st century. In the Montreal area, for example, modern intermodalities utilize the most efficient land, sea and air routes to build vast and intricate transportation networks. The Port of Montreal is the world’s largest inland port, and cargo containers and trailers are loaded, off-loaded, re-loaded and hustled-away to their final destinations. Nowhere in the process is there a “good time” for vehicle breakdowns or failures. Heavy truck maintenance is a key operation, one that literally keeps the wheels of commerce rolling, and qualified heavy truck service is needed to keep big rigs in good running order.

    As profit margins shrink, to the point where “everything counts”, truckers (from fleet owners to single-truck owner/operators) benefit when they can rely on a firm for complete heavy truck service. There are already so many obstacles and time-constraints to overcome to stay profitable that down-time is a “luxury” that few truckers can afford. Good truck maintenance cannot be an afterthought, rather, sound mechanical operation, assured by top-flight heavy vehicle maintenance, must claim a high priority. Chewing gum, duct tape and wads of tobacco may be the stuff of repair legend, but today’s drivers will sleep more soundly knowing that their rig is being treated with greater diligence and with more modern techniques. And to avoid need out heavy truck towing service.

    Heavy vehicle maintenance is a constant challenge in Canada, where harsh weather and extensive highway usage combine to take a heavy toll on big rigs. Truck maintenance is mandatory and superior heavy vehicle maintenance is what TMS TruckMasters delivers, offering heavy truck service that keeps drivers and freights safe on the road. Accreditation by SAAQ ensures that they apply rigorous standards for all personnel and equipment involved with truck maintenance. From simple fix maintenance items like oil changes and chassis lubes to complex computer diagnostics that can measure minute changes in engine performance, heavy vehicle maintenance is performed to comply with all heavy truck SAAQ inspection requirements.

    For all accredited big rig service, repair and inspection needs, TMS TruckMasters has three service centers in and around the Montreal area (Saint-Laurent, Vaudreuil-Dorion, and Boucherville truck center), and one service center near Quebec, ready to provide experienced professional help.