Why Is Heavy Truck Suspension Maintenance Important

    Your heavy-duty trucks are high-performance systems designed for maximum efficiency, power, and cargo safety as well as driver comfort. Your vehicle’s suspension is the foundation on which your heavy haul truck depends for optimal performance. It plays a vital role in increasing the truck’s overall service life and protecting uptime.

    When you won’t compromise on any of these aspects, you need the services of expert heavy truck suspension maintenance professionals like the ones at TMS TruckMasters. Handling this specialized job is second nature to us. So simply bring your heavy trucks to us for any diagnostic work, refurbishment and repairs. You sure will be glad you did!

    The Importance of Regular Truck Suspension Maintenance

    • If inspectors find any signs of damage/wear on the suspension, it is a seven-point CSA violation.
    • Worn out torque rods can impact a driver’s ability to control the vehicle when accelerating & braking and in corners.
    • Damaged or loose torque rods can make the ride very uncomfortable for drivers’ backs.
    • Deteriorated bushings may allow the trailers to sway, causing tires to rub against the suspension frame hangers.

    Contact the Experts

    Regular heavy truck maintenance helps spot these problems before they become aggravated, causing problems and adding to your repair costs. Regular heavy truck suspension maintenance helps optimize the operation, increases the longevity of the feature and helps ensure excellent handling and stability. It also reduces cab & body damage, instrument, and electrical replacement, and tire wear, as well as axle and transmission wear.

    The expert technicians at TMS TruckMasters can work closely with you to maintain your heavy truck’s suspension system through thorough inspection & maintenance of bushings, torque rods, and other key components.

    For more information, feel free to call us at any one of our TMS TruckMasters centers closest to you.

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