Where To Go For Commercial Truck Repair & Inspection?

The importance of commercial truck inspection, preventative maintenance, and repair cannot be overstated. Whether you have a single semi truck or a fleet of them, it is required by law to have them regularly inspected, repaired, and maintained. You may be a truck owner, trucking company, or another type of operator in the industry. You are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of motor vehicles used for interstate commerce. You can be held liable for injuries or fatalities arising out of your truck accidents, found to be caused by negligence in inspection, repair, or maintenance. The liability can also extend over to intermodal equipment providers and their representatives.

While you have these concerns at the back of your mind, it is important to have a reliable repair and maintenance provider. So, where should you go for your commercial truck repair, inspection, and service requirements?

Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Repair Service

You should choose a reliable and proven commercial truck repair service provider near you to ensure your vehicle or fleet stays in its top condition. It is recommended to consider these points when assessing different providers:

  • Experience: Look for a provider with at least a decade of industry presence. Check the number of years their commercial truck mechanic has been providing their services.
  • Wider Range of Services: Choose a semi truck repair shop that provides a wider range of services. This can be a cost- and time-saving choice. Make sure they can handle engine service, differential repairs, clutch repairs, commercial vehicle inspection, transmissions, computer diagnostics, and brakes.
  • Towing Services: Make sure your semi truck repair shop provides towing services. If a service provider has no towing service, they cannot be of much use if your vehicle gets stuck on the side of the road.

Besides, look for on-site parts inventory availability, a clean facility, and responsive customer service. At TMS TruckMasters, we are a family-owned and run commercial truck inspection, repair, and service provider with over three decades of experience. We specialize in commercial truck repair, maintenance, and inspection and provide comprehensive services. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment required to get you back on the road in the shortest possible time.

Scheduled Maintenance

Every vehicle in your fleet needs to be maintained on a custom, planned schedule. The preventative maintenance needs will differ based on how your truck is used. The following factors will need to be considered to determine when a truck needs to be serviced:

  • Engine hours
  • Mileage
  • Fuel levels

Preventative maintenance can also be done keeping in mind your drivers’ routes and map, and when they are close to a service station.

Driver-Based Inspections

It is important to equip your truck drivers with the required knowledge to conduct a pre-trip inspection. Create a maintenance checklist that covers these components and systems:

  • Tires: Tires are the most frequently used parts in a truck. Have your drivers check the tires for any signs of excess wear. They should check the tread depth and air pressure before every trip.
  • Brakes: Brakes, especially in heavy trucks, can deteriorate at a much faster rate than in light vehicles. Have your drivers inspect the brake linings for any signs of leaks in the air pressure system before their trips.
  • Fluids: The driver should check below the undercarriage for any signs of leakage. They should also check the levels of fuel, oil, antifreeze, and coolant on a regular basis. It is also important to check the oil pressure, air pressure, and temperature, as they are signs of properly functioning fluids.
  • Electrical: The driver should also ensure that all the lights are working, before starting a trip. This includes headlamps, brake lights, turn signals, warning lights, and flashers.

Fortunately, you can rely on TMS TruckMasters Inc. for all your truck repair, maintenance, and inspection needs. We can provide both scheduled maintenance service and emergency commercial truck repair services for your vehicles. Feel free to contact us at (514) 631-0963 to discuss your unique requirements or write to us using this Contact Form.