Truck Repair – How to Choose the Right Center

Trucks cover long distances for transporting bulky goods or equipment, and this causes a lot of wear and tear. Heavy cargo adds to the burden which in turn has an impact on the vehicle’s condition.

While selecting a commercial truck repair center, it is crucial to ensure that you opt for a well-established and reputed company like us at TMS TruckMasters.

It is essential for you to carry out maintenance and repairs in a timely manner, if your truck isn’t functioning at its best. Postponing this will only result in further damage, and it would cost you extra money to fix it.

Commercial truck repair center – What you need to know

It is crucial that you settle on a company that has a good reputation and will complete the task professionally and cost-effectively. Here are a few vital points you should take into consideration while selecting a commercial truck repair center:

1. High-Quality Maintenance for Heavy Vehicles

Experieneced and certified commercial truck repair center will offer a range of maintenance services such as:

  • Lubrication
  • Brakes
  • Cooling system
  • Clutch
  • Differential
  • Engine
  • Oil change
  • Radiator

The primary goal of carrying out proper maintenance service is to make sure that the engine and overall performance of your vehicle perform at its optimum. The wear and tear that your vehicle suffered will also reduce drastically. The company will also use authentic oils, fluids, and spares for replacement.

2. An Electronic Diagnosis

All modern trucks come with fairly advanced electronic systems, each of which depends on the other in some way. Even if your truck suffers from a minor issue, it can result in further damage to other components as well. This makes it crucial to choose a commercial truck repair center that has experienced professionals on their team.

A well-reputed company will always use the best electronic diagnostic equipment available in the market. The diagnostic equipment will allow the experts to conduct a detailed analysis of all the problems that exist in the engine. You will receive viable solutions as well.

The right truck center will always have genuine spare parts in their inventory, which in turn ensures the diesel truck repair is completed fatser.

3. Tire Services For Heavy Trucks

The truck tires endure the maximum wear & tear and deteriorate over time as a result of the heavy cargo they transport from city to city. While getting your regular maintenance done, ask the technicians whether they need to be replaced or not.

A good commercial truck repair center will keep several different brands of tires so all of the work will be completed at one place.

4. Emergency Towing Services For Heavy Duty Vehicles

There are times when even well-maintained heavy haul trucks break down in the middle of the road. A reputed truck center will always have emergency road assistance services available.

It doesn’t matter if you have a heavy truck or a trailer if the technicians are sure that the problem cannot be fixed, they will tow your vehicle to the center and carry out the necessary diesel truck repair.

5. SAAQ Inspection  Certification

Another important aspect to take into consideration is carrying out mechanical inspections at regular intervals. Choose a service center that is certified by the SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec). 

Always remember to opt for a reputed company. This ensures you have certified and experienced professionals working on your truck. They will provide prompt services and all parts used for repairs will be genuine.

For your diesel truck repair, go to a certified truck repair center. For more information about the services we at TMS TruckMasters offer, feel free to call us at any one of our centers closest to you. The numbers are listed on our website.