Truck Shifting Problems = Transmission Repair Needed

You know your truck better than anyone else. So when it starts acting strangely, you know something is not right. When you start facing truck shifting problems, it may be time that the transmission needs repair. Whatever type of shifting issues you may be having, this guide will help you make the right decisions. You will also find out what to expect from such a repair job.

Common Transmission Repair Concerns

Some of the most common questions that heavy-duty truck operators have about transmission repairs are discussed as below:

1. How to be Sure That Transmission Repair Is Needed?
The simplest sign that the transmission needs repair is that it is not shifting properly. A repair will be needed even when you see some type of transmission fluid leak.

2. What is the Most Common Reason a Transmission Repair is Needed?
LThe most common reason why transmissions fail is excess heat. The heat originates in the parts wearing out. This renders them incapable of doing their job properly.

3. How Often Should the Clutch be Replaced?
The way you use the clutch affects its lifespan. Typically, a clutch must last at least 100,000 miles. If these components are not used as they should be, you shouldn’t expect the clutch to last even half that.

4. How Long Do Transmission Repair Jobs Take?
The duration of repair work depends on the amount of damage to the transmission. This further depends on how many parts need to be repaired or replaced.

5. How Often Should I Change the Transmission Oil?
Typically, the transmission oil in heavy-duty trucks should be changed every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. The mileage and frequency will be affected by the purpose for which your truck is used. If your truck is primarily used for off-road applications, the oil will need to be changed more frequently. At the same time, you should also check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Types of Repairable Transmission Issues

Many truck shifting problems are fairly easy to fix. If you notice anything unusual, make sure to get it checked and fixed immediately. This can also help save money. Timely action can also extend the life of the transmission, as you will be preventing the problem from worsening.

For example, if you notice leaking fluid or the presence of dirty fluid, all it may need is to top the fluid or replace the seals. This can cost you only a few hundred dollars at the most. On the other hand, replacing a transmission can cost in the thousands.

There are many other minor transmission issues that can be fixed quickly and affordably. This includes worn or damaged transmission mount and solenoid issues. All of them cost much less than replacing the transmission.

Cost of Transmission Repair Jobs

The average cost of a truck transmission repair job is affected by a number of factors. Some of the most common ones include:

  • The make of your truck
  • The truck’s age
  • The damaged part and the amount of damage

Your location and the shop you choose are also key factors. If your truck is no more than 10 years old and has less than 100,000 miles, you may be able to cover the costs with the help of the warranty.

Your truck’s transmission is an important part of its mechanism and is expensive to replace. It is best to always keep on top of periodic maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacements. These schedules should be used not only to top off or replace the fluid but also to perform preventative maintenance. If you have any truck shifting concerns or issues, feel free to contact us at TMS TruckMasters inc. You can reach us at (514) 631-0963 for more information.